export of goods forbidden

Businessmen are always seeking to expand their business and increase their capital. After some time, they find that they cannot be limited to trade within the borders for lucrative activities and increased capital. They know very well that they have to go through trans-boundary activities to advance in the field of business. These activities include […]

What are the export of goods forbidden from Iran?

export dates

Dates are garden products compatible with the weather conditions in the Middle East that have high nutritional value and numerous food products. This product is fully compatible with the climate of parts of the southern and central provinces of Iran. Dates are one of the country’s currency garden products that have faced a great deal […]

Target markets for Iran’s export dates

Overview of Citrus Products Exports in Iran

The decrease in revenues from oil exports and its extreme fluctuations, the increase in the country’s population, the decrease in the purchasing power of oil revenues as a result of the collapse of the exchange relationship in favor of industrialized and advanced countries in the way of trade with third world countries and most importantly, […]

Overview of Citrus Products Exports in Iran

Saffron Export

Iran has a special position in the cultivation of agricultural products due to its suitable climatic conditions. Among them, saffron has a special place, so that Iran is known as the largest producer of saffron in the world. Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and has about 90% of the production […]

Identifying the Barriers to Iran’s Saffron Export

Petrochemical Products

The petrochemical industry is always of special importance among industries due to its high contribution to the country’s foreign exchange as well as its role in completing the value chain of the oil industry. In terms of volume, petrochemical exports have grown by about 9% in the first 11 months of 2019 compared to the […]

Export Strategies and Business Partners of Iran Petrochemical Products

One of the most important parts in the field of goods export is timely and quick notification of export bans announced by the customs organization at the request of the country’s executive bodies. These prohibitions are intended for market management and economic policies of the country, and exporters will receive a lot of credit and […]

Export prohibitions and businesses challenges in Iran

Iranian saffron

In order to better understand the Iranian saffron plant and how to import it, let us first give a brief definition of it. Saffron with scientific name crodcus stativus is a small perennial plant with a height of 10 to 30 cm. From the middle of the bulb or the base of the stem, a […]

Cultivation and exporting specifications of Iranian saffron

The creation of industrial free trade zones is used as a means to explore economic power. Industrial free trade zones are known as tools that will effectively create a wide market, diversify and attract foreign investment.The motivation to create industrial free trade zones in Iran dates back to 1989, when the need for economic reconstruction […]

Investment laws in Iranian free trade zones

Iranian pistachios

The pistachio tree is a small plant that grows mostly in the Middle East and Central Asia. The growth of this tree has been reported in countries such as Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan. Pistachio is a Persian word that entered European languages through Latin. In 2014, Iran became the largest exporter of this […]

A brief overview of Iranian pistachios and its export

Ever increasing demands for nuts is highly noticeable and so is the production. The reason is nuts are advantageous to human health and are wonderful source of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. It has been proved that nut also help control the sugar level in the body. The demand for nut exceeds the production which is […]

Tendencies In Production and Consumption of Nuts