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Chlorinated polyethylene | CPE 135A

It is rigid PVC impact modifier, with good anti-caking and rapid plasticity, properties and low temperature softening property and good mechanical property, widely used as PVC impact modifiers, ACR & MBS impact modifiers and also magnetic materials, films, sealing materials and waterproof rolls.


This combination can be used in processing all kinds of soft PVC products, vinyl chloride copolymer and fiber resin, such as film, sheet, artificial leather, cable, plastic mold, etc. It also has a good softening effect on all kinds of synthetic rubber.

KRONOS 2190 titanium dioxide

Other applications of pigment such as fabric printing, fibers, rubber, cosmetics and food products are 8%. Other applications of this material are in the glass industry, electrical ceramics and chemical intermediates. Titanium dioxide has been statistically shown to increase the whiteness of powdered milk, which increases the sensory acceptability of powdered milk.

KRONOS 2220 titanium dioxide

Hack is insoluble in water, organic acids and dilute alkaline solutions, but it is soluble in hot and concentrated alkaline solutions and strong acids. Kronos 2220 is suitable for use in the production of polyethylene, soft and hard PVC, polyolefin, polystyrene and copolymers, softening pastes, colored materials for liquids and engineering plastics.


In addition to being used as an activator, this substance is also used as a spreader and softener in the rubber industry, and it is also used to separate from the mold.


Titan A1

Titanium dioxide is used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products, including paints, coatings, adhesives, paper, plastic and rubber, printing ink, fabric, as well as ceramics, floor coverings, roofing materials, and cosmetics. , toothpaste, soap, water purification agents, drugs, food colorants, car products, sunscreen and catalysts.

Titan R-5566

It can also be used extensively in interior and exterior coatings and in latex paints and powder coatings and inks and paper and rubber, plastic and master batch.

Titan R105

Among its uses are production of PVC doors and windows, production of industrial paints, production of solar panels, and production of sunscreen creams.