About us

Kabirraya and its trading partners have been active in the field of trade for many years. The 42-year experience of the company and its trading partners in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar and the UAE has made the company shine in the field of international transportation and trade.

The company uses specialized and committed human capital, identifies suitable target markets for your product to achieve the desired result.

Kabirraya Company and its trading partners are ready to provide a variety of fast and reliable services in the field of export, import and consulting in the field of transportation, international contracts and customs.

A large part of Kabirraya‘s activities are in the fields of agricultural products, FMCG food, tires, car imports, diesel engines and generators.

The activity of this company is very extensive and is not limited to these sectors

Kabirraya Company has started its cooperation with the world’s leading companies in the field of travel agency, but the most different activity that this company offers is in the field of medical tourism, which sees commercial services beyond the perspective of economic activities and opens a new window for the development and progress of this field of work.

Activities in the field of medical tourism include patient transportation, drug transfer, medical and emergency equipment, and charters.

International trade and commerce is a very complex task that would not be possible without complete knowledge and experience in this field. Therefore, it is necessary to have a center that provides the necessary advice in various fields, including sea, air and customs transportation.



  • Social and environmental concerns should be at the forefront of attention
  • The exact amount of supply and demand in competitive markets must be examined
  • The products that are offered and the products that are received must be of high quality
  • Information about market conditions must be up-to-date and complete and provided to customers in a timely manner
  • Using experienced and specialized experts in any field and creating a transparent work environment
  • Fair pricing based on agreement between the parties


Kabirraya Company and its business partners are trying to provide the easiest and safest route for the transfer of your goods by using expert and committed consultants.