International Contract Affairs

Consulting in the field of international contracts

When two or more individuals or companies from different countries decide to cooperate in a field, an international agreement is concluded between them and the two commit to each other and thus formal cooperation begins between them.

This international contract is regulated in various fields such as production, purchase, sale, service, etc.

Obviously, fulfilling these important contracts includes many details that Kabirraya Company deals with in the best way with its many years of experience.

For example, the following should be considered in transport contracts:

The details of each of the parties to the issue, including the transport of goods with its specifications, the obligations of the transport operator, the obligations of the owner of the goods, determining the shipment schedule including the schedule, shipping route and payment method, type of insurance and its amount and dispute resolution, must be considered. Be.


Kabirraya Company, in cooperation with its business partners in more than 6 countries of the world, provides you with the necessary advice and sufficient information in various fields, so that you can have a safe and convenient way to transport your goods with a smart decision.

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