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KabirRaya Trading Company is one of the reliable trading companies in the field of export and import, customs affairs, supply of various goods, advice on transportation matters and international contracts in all parts of the world. This company has been able to provide valuable services to international manufacturers and traders.

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Kabir Raya Trading Company with 42 years of experience in trade, transportation and international trade, is always trying to provide the highest quality services to its customers in cooperation with its business partners in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar and the UAE using up to date knowledge and expert human capital.

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This AA coffee has single grain, uniform, high quality and has a medium to dark roast. This plant is cultivated in tropical areas of Iran, including Khuzestan. The mild and delicate taste of Monson coffee creates a pleasant feeling in the espresso mix, and in combination with Indian Robusta, the best drinks can be obtained from this coffee bean.


This product has a large amount of antioxidants, which are useful for preventing cancer and causes weight loss and slimming due to the presence of caffeine. However, it is more vulnerable to pests and has more sugar and fat than Robusta bean.

Washed Robusta

Coffee production can be developed in Iran along the maritime boundary line of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, including Minab, Bandar Abbas, and Kish Island.


Among the advantages of instant coffee, we can mention its small weight and volume compared to coffee beans for preparing a drinking amount, its speed of preparation and long usage period. However, if instant coffee is stored in a dry place, it can spoil and rot. Chabahar port is one of the areas where the cultivation of this type of product is widespread.


People who do daily hard activities, including sports and heavy physical activities, can relieve their fatigue by consuming this drink. Among the side effects of using this product are heart palpitations and anxiety, sleep disorders, dehydration.

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