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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

There are countless applications for ABS due to balanced mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. Among the most widely identifiable are keys on a computer keyboard, power-tool housing, the plastic face-guard on wall sockets (often a PC/ABS blend), and LEGO toys.

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Pistachio is from the Amygdalus family, which is originally related to the Middle East. Iran has become the first producer of pistachios in the world due to suitable weather conditions and sufficient sunlight. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is a kind of high quality pistachio with long, big shape and white shell. Ahmad Aghaei’s pistachio shell is […]

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Akbari Pistachio

Akbari pistachio is one of the types of Iranian pistachio which is known as a luxury and unique product in Iran. Its shape is elongated. Its shell color is cream and its seed color is characterized by purple, brown and greenish colors. This product is cultivated in tropical regions of Iran such as Rafsanjan. It […]

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ANTH 505

ANTH 505 is a broad spectrum insecticide having contact and stomach action against pod borers, fruit borers, stem borers, leaf miners, defoliating caterpillars, sucking pests, termites etc., Combination results in synergistic action providing longer protection.

Barhi Datefront ex

Barhi dates are among the most desirable international commercial dates, whose main cultivation area is in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr in Iran. This fruit is oval in shape. It has a soft texture and is considered one of the fresher dates. In the Kharak phase, this product has a yellow color. This product […]

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Black Barberry | Mountain Barberry

Wild, organic or mountain barberry is one of Iranian edible fruits, with a sour, delicious and juicy taste. It has a black appearance and its quality completely depends on the weather conditions where it grows. Some people know mountain barberry in wholesale markets as Epin Wint. The origin of barberry production is South Khorasan province […]

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Black Raisin

Black raisins are produced from dried Shahani grapes. Shahani grapes are oval in shape and purple in color, which turns black after drying. This raisin appearance and color is different from other examples, but it has many similarities in terms of properties. This raisin seeds are large, black in color and have a fleshy texture. […]

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Braeburn Apple

Braeburn Apple is a type of hard apple whose skin has red/orange vertical lines and a yellow/green background. The intensity of its color varies with different climates during growth. The smell of apples wafts when bitten. The name of the apple is taken from the Berburn orchard, where it was first cultivated. It has strong […]

Caustic soda flakes

The main applications of caustic soda flakes are in paper production, aluminum refining, soap and detergent production, viscose fibers, organic and inorganic chemical production, pH adjustment, biodiesel production, textile industries, water and wastewater treatment, paint production, and coating, petrochemical and oil and gas well drilling, glue and sealant production and many other industries.


CHEKMET is a pheromone-based insecticide. It is used to impair the breeding cycle of the light brown apple moth. In 2007, this product came to the attention of many, especially those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, when some of these moths, which are native to Australia and New Zealand, were found in […]

Chlorinated polyethylene | CPE 135A

It is rigid PVC impact modifier, with good anti-caking and rapid plasticity, properties and low temperature softening property and good mechanical property, widely used as PVC impact modifiers, ACR & MBS impact modifiers and also magnetic materials, films, sealing materials and waterproof rolls.

Classic instant coffee

Coffee production can be developed in Iran along the maritime boundary line of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, including Minab, Bandar Abbas, and Kish Island.

CM 75

CM-75 is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide. It is used to control leaf spot, rust diseases of groundnut, and blast disease of paddy crop. This product controls the different types of diseases


People who do daily hard activities, including sports and heavy physical activities, can relieve their fatigue by consuming this drink. Among the side effects of using this product are heart palpitations and anxiety, sleep disorders, dehydration.

Cox Apple

Cox Apple is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. It arose in England in the 19th century as a chance seedling, and has inspired apple lovers ever since. The best Cox apple trees are mostly grown in the cities of Tehran and Isfahan. It remains unsurpassed for its […]


This combination can be used in processing all kinds of soft PVC products, vinyl chloride copolymer and fiber resin, such as film, sheet, artificial leather, cable, plastic mold, etc. It also has a good softening effect on all kinds of synthetic rubber.