Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Pistachio is from the Amygdalus family, which is originally related to the Middle East. Iran has become the first producer of pistachios in the world due to suitable weather conditions and sufficient sunlight. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is a kind of high quality pistachio with long, big shape and white shell. Ahmad Aghaei’s pistachio shell is […]

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Akbari Pistachio

Akbari pistachio is one of the types of Iranian pistachio which is known as a luxury and unique product in Iran. Its shape is elongated. Its shell color is cream and its seed color is characterized by purple, brown and greenish colors. This product is cultivated in tropical regions of Iran such as Rafsanjan. It […]

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Fandoghi Pistachio | Hazelnut Pistachio

Hazelnut pistachio is one of Iran’s exported pistachios. This product is cultivated mostly in the central regions of Iran, especially in Kerman, Zarand and parts of Khorasan provinces. Its shell is cream-colored. This pistachio shape is smooth, round and it is available in sizes 30/28 and 32/30. In fact, it is the smallest type of […]

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Ram Head Pistachios | kaleghouchi Pistachios

kale ghoochi pistachios (or Ram Head Pistachios) is another type of Iranian export pistachio that has considerable popularity. This variety is mainly cultivated in Rafsanjan. This pistachio is placed between round and elongated pistachios in terms of appearance. Normally, the color of the inner shell and inner seed is cream and yellow respectively. This pistachio […]

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