Black Raisin

Black raisins are produced from dried Shahani grapes. Shahani grapes are oval in shape and purple in color, which turns black after drying. This raisin appearance and color is different from other examples, but it has many similarities in terms of properties. This raisin seeds are large, black in color and have a fleshy texture. […]

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Green Raisin

Like other raisins, green raisins are also produced from grape fruit. It has elongated seeds, sweet and sour taste, and its humidity is 16%. Takstan, Malayer, Kashmar and Quchan are the producers of raisins in Iran. This type of raisin is used in the food and confectionery industry. Iranian raisins are a complete source of […]

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Red Raisin | Poloei Raisin

Red raisins are produced by drying red grapes in the sun and are famous for their sweet and different taste. This type of raisin is produced mainly in Qazvin province, Iran. Grape seeds are caramelized without additives due to sunlight. Its color is mostly red and dark brown. The delicious taste of this raisin has […]

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